Renmark Irrigation

Renmark, SA

Established in 1893, the Renmark Irrigation Trust (RIT) has evolved from open channels and steam driven pumps to a mains-powered ‘Main Pump Station’ network of rising mains extending to a 130-kilometre pipeline network throughout the Renmark Irrigation District.

Clients: Exact Mining and Lams Joint Venture

In July 2015, Reimann supported a Joint Venture between Exact Mining and Lams to deliver all stainless-steel infrastructure across three new sites. Between a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipeline, the massive stainless-steel fittings where used to bolt up the valve sets in the new valve pits. It was critical to the delivery of the project that this installation lined up with the clients shut-down. All pipe provided was rolled in-house pipe either one-metre or 1.2-metre diameter.