USX Pipework

BHP, Roxby Downs, SA

Reimann was engaged by Goodline to provide carbon and stainless-steel piping for BHP on the USX Pipework project. Reimann was responsible for:

  • Scheduling all running deadlines with the client
  • Carbon pipe works, which had to be blasted, galvanised and painted to a high specification
  • Manufacture of special stillages for safe transport in order to not damage paint
  • Over 2,600 Butt welds in this project
  • Re-gramophoning the flange faces after galvanising for site installation
  • 100% workshop hydrostatic testing
  • Non-destructive testing to the highest quality standard (X-rays, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, visual by a cert 10 welding inspector)
  • Workshop audits with BHP representatives.

Clients: Goodline and BHP