Our history

While we currently specialise in pressure vessel and pressure pipe work, fabrication and welding, Reimann Manufacturing has a proud history that has evolved significantly over four generations.


Johannes Berthold (J.B.) Reimann commences his blacksmith apprenticeship with T.G. Jansen in Eudunda, South Australia.

reimann history 1909 1

J.B. Reimann (left) at his smithing forge with fellow employee C. Orrock.


Mr J.B. Reimann and son Leslie Berthold (Les) Reimann buy the business T.G. Jansen and name it J.B. Reimann & Son Holdings.

reimann history 1951

An early piece of J.B. Reimann & Son machinery photographed outside of their Eudunda workshop.


Originally built in 1909, Berthold Reimann operate in the same workshop located in Eudunda, South Australia for 48 years.

reimann history 1957 01
reimann history 1957 02

The J.B. Reimann & Son workshop in Eudunda, South Australia.


While under contract to produce farm fuel storage tanks for various oil companies, J.B. Reimann seized the opportunity to create large underground tanks suitable for commercial and industrial bulk fuel storage ranging from capacities of 800 to 180,000 litres.

The assembly of these heavy gauge storage tanks and the difficulty in obtaining suitable machinery to roll and bend the thick material led the company into one of its more industrious manufacturing programs; the creation of sheet metal and plate curving machinery.

Reimann curving rolls and sheet metal working machines became the best-selling brand in Australia.

reimann history 1960 01

Les Reimann poses next to a Reimann curving roll.

reimann history 1960 02

Reimann workers with a large-scale tank ready to be delivered.


To relieve pressure on the workforce and plant in Eudunda, and due to demand from WA-based oil companies, a factory is built and opened in the Perth suburb of Jandakot, Western Australia.

reimann history 1965

The J.B. Reimann & Son factory in Jandakot, Western Australia.


Les’ son Michael Reimann begins his apprenticeship with J.B. Reimann & Son Holdings.

reimann history 1970

Michael Reimann poses next to a Caterpillar truck.


Michael establishes a transport subsidiary named Reimann Transport.

reimann history 1975

A Reimann Transport truck set to make a delivery.


J.B. Reimann & Son Holdings is purchased by Emco Wheaton, an Ontario, Canada-based company specialising in the supply of equipment to the world-wide petroleum industry. Les Reimann stays on as a consultant to the SA manufacturing facilities of Emco Wheaton.

reimann history 1977

The Emco Wheaton logo sits alongside the Reimann logo on the Eudunda workshop circa 1977.


After the purchase by Emco Wheaton, there would be no Reimann family-owned manufacturing business for 12 years.


The Eudunda site located at 91 Industry Road is designed and built by Les Reimann for Emco Wheaton’s SA operations.


ML Reimann Manufacturing is established by Les’ son Michael Reimann with a focus on mass production and general fabrication.


Michael diversifies the business to include certified welding, new certified weld procedures, pressure vessel manufacturing and pipe spooling.


Leslie Berthold Reimann passes away and Michael’s son Matthew Reimann begins his apprenticeship at Ahrens Engineering.


Matthew joins his father Michael to establish Reimann Manufacturing Pty Ltd with capabilities now expanded to include on-site pipeline welding and labour for site shut-downs.

reimann history 2007

Matthew Reimann photographed during a site shut-down.


Matthew’s twin brother Stuart Reimann joins the family business.

reimann history 2012

Michael Reimann with sons Matthew and Stuart in their Eudunda workshop in March 2021.


Reimann Manufacturing win their first interstate pipeline welding contract in Geehi, NSW working on the Snowy Hydro project in collaboration with Leed.

reimann history 2013

The Reimann team on-site at the Snowy Hydro project at Geehi River, NSW.


Workshop established near the Adelaide CBD at 223 South Terrace, Wingfield, South Australia.

reimann history 2016

Reimann’s Wingfield workshop.


Reimann Manufacturing expand and purchase the 91 Industry Road, Eudunda site originally designed and built by Les Reimann in 1981 to further solidify their base of operations.

reimann history 2017

Reimann’s Eudunda workshop.


ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) Certification received.

Fast forward to the present day and Reimann Manufacturing have become a trusted name in the industry, supplying welding crews and site trucks on various pipeline projects across Australia.

Our workshops currently produce over 200 pressure vessels per year and countless pipe spool packages for a diverse range of clients.

Please contact us to see how we can assist on your next project.