Site specialists and shut-down maintenance

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently carry out site works on time, safely. We understand how critical scheduling is with major plant shutdowns and what hold ups during shutdowns can cost to the clients, we have the ability to schedule tasks that are on critical path and have great ability to extra recourses with labour and equipment, we will work in conjunction with your plant managers to come up with the best time frame to suit your plant.

From installing pipe work to electrical motor skids, we will always try and pre-fabricate as much as we can of site to leave what is needed to do on the shut down the minimum. We have site containers with site specific equipment we can send to site for the big shut down as well as our previous stated welding trucks, including welding generators so if the power is of in a certain part of the plant, we can be self-sufficient. We can do confined space work, working at heights work, we can supply cranes, elevated work platforms, and we have relationships with transport companies so we can offer hot shots (urgent deliveries if something extra is needed in a shutdown). We will organise our own accommodation if remote and Living Away from Home (LAHA) is no issue for our team.

We manage this through:

  • Strong leadership and effective communication between ourselves and our clients
  • The implementation and upkeep of robust safe operating procedures
  • Employing highly skilled and trained employees who take pride in their work
  • Ensuring our equipment is well-maintained
  • Our ability to call on a deep network of trusted sub-contractors.