MSCL site welding

MSCL site welding is core part of our business. We have deliver MSCL site welding projects both within locally and nationally for a range of civil companies including John Holland, Fulton Hogan, Leed, McConnel Dowel, Diona, SA water, interflow and many more.

We have all the gear on hand and the expertise to take on whatever each site throws at us. Our welding trucks are fully equipped, we mainly run Lincoln vantage 580’s with the ability to run two welders from one generator. We have 110CFM compressor so we can Air arc Gauge on site and also run breathing filters and tanks so we can weld inside MSCL pipe with a hooker line, we have 4x4 trucks for remote area access if required, our highly trained tradespeople can also reinstate concrete mortar on site and denso wrap/ heat shrink.

Our welders are always up to date with regard to weld procedures and welder qualification tests meaning we never compromise on wuality. We can arrange Cert 10 welding inspection if required and NATA third party non-destructive testing. We can also keep all quality documentation, for example material certificates for consumables to material for flanges, whatever it may be, and collate it all for your MDR at the end of the project. Safety is our highest priority, with our welding trucks specifically designed to reduce risk on any manual handling strains. We also have side welding specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). All Safety Data Sheets (SDS)’s for products we use are kept in each site truck.

Fast Facts

  • Highly skilled employees that know MSCL inside out
  • Can cement/mortar lining re instatement on site in house by trained staff
  • Wrapping done in house by trained staff on site
  • Work in with civil crews to stay productive
  • SWMS and other safety requirements
  • We can organise NDT testing
  • We can Spark test on site

Our state-of-the-art set up welding trucks are fitted out with the following capabilities:

  • Lincoln Gen-sets
  • 130 CFM compressors
  • Tig AC/DC welding
  • Stick welding
  • Mig suitcases for solid wires and flux cores
  • Breathing apparatus set-ups
  • Air arc gauging set-ups
  • Custom-built tool boxes with all of the pipeline specific tools