North Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS)

Bolivar, SA

In August 2015, SA Water released an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the market asking for proposals to transport and make use of an additional 20 gigalitres (GL) per annum of recycled water in a way that would generate the greatest economic benefit and jobs growth for South Australia.

Clients: Leed Valoriza JV

Reimann was subsequently engaged by the Leed/Vaoriza JV to undertake works including large dimeter manifolds and bends constructed out of MSCL and various stainless-steel packages. Working within tight delivery timeframes, Reimann was also responsible for delivering:

  • Site install as well as shop fabrication
  • Workshop drawings
  • 762mm to 300mm MSCL fittings and spools
  • Numerous Stainless steel packages.