ADCHEM Heat Exchanger Project

Burra, SA

Adchem (Australia) Pty Ltd operates the world’s largest single combined production facility for Black Copper Oxide (Cupric Oxide) and Basic Copper Carbonate.

The Burra plant uses a hydrometallurgical process to convert low grade copper raw materials to high purity chemical products. Raw materials are dissolved in an ammonia solution to form copper amine. The resultant solution is then purified and is used as feedstock to the Copper Oxide and Copper Carbonate production plants.

The Adchem Heat Exchanger Project required all structural steel and pipe works tie-ins to be carried out during select shutdowns in order to not impact Plant production. Reimann was able to support Adchem in achieving this by working to a clear shutdown calendar across an agreed two-month period.

Clients: ADCHEM Australia